The Grit Box Workout

The Grit Box workout is more than just punching and kicking—and it was designed that way for a reason. The combination of high-intensity kickboxing and strength training creates the perfect full-body workout. Class Structure 45 minutes. 8 rounds. When the music starts and the lights go out, it’s time to get gritty! The high-energy class… Continue reading The Grit Box Workout

8 Best At-Home Workout Playlists – Grit Gang Style

Missing the custom music and working out alongside other GRIT Gang members? You’re not alone! The beat drop and tunes reverberating from the walls just don’t sound the same when the walls are in your living room. Our strength and kickboxing equipment packages may not include a subwoofer or lights, but we are here to… Continue reading 8 Best At-Home Workout Playlists – Grit Gang Style