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Gritbox fitness members having fun during the group class

about gritbox

Ignite your inner badass with kickboxing and strength.

The Gritbox Experience

kickboxing bag inside Grit Box Fitness studio

Ignite your inner badass with kickboxing & strength. We’ve combined the high intensity of kickboxing with the transformative power of strength training into one seamless class. This is a fitness experience unlike any other.

We’re here to motivate you and fuel your passion. To challenge your expectations and help you reach your goals. You’ll leave every workout feeling stronger, more confident and empowered to take on whatever life throws at you. 

Because you’re already a badass. We just want to inspire you to find your grit! 

The Class


All you need for a killer workout packed into a 45 minute burner. Grind it out, kick some ass, and leave feeling stronger and more confident than ever.


Rotate between Kickboxing and Strength Training every two rounds for a perfectly balanced program. You start on the bags, followed by 2 rounds on the wall, back to the bags for 2, and end strong on the bench for your last 2!

0experience needed

No worries if you’ve never kickboxed. Our classes are designed for all fitness levels with modifications for everything. Your coach will guide you through each round and motivate you to find your inner warrior to get the most out of class!

the studio

Our studio is broken out into three sections—the heavy bags, the wall, and the strong bench.

heavy bags

Where you get your kickboxing fix—punch, kick, and elbow the heavy bags for 4 of the 8 rounds. You’ll get your own bag with plenty of room to unleash your inner badass. These high intensity rounds burn calories while building your skills and confidence.

performance wall

This isn’t your normal wall—suspension trainers and wall mount bars create a vertical playground within class. Build strength and agility with plyometrics and high intensity strength movements.

strength bench

Decked out benches complete the studio to hone in on your muscle toning and strength gains. Each bench is stocked with its own set of dumbbells, kettlebells and medicine balls, ready for you to push yourself into being the strongest you. Don’t be afraid to pick up some heavier weights and challenge yourself at this station.

Grit Box Fitness member punches the bag at the heavy bags section of the studio

New Client Special

10 Days of Unlimited Classes for $30

Come kick it with us and ignite your inner badass! All rental gear is included.