Fitness Classes with TRX: Total-Body Suspension Training

grit box member at the wall station during group fitness class

The Grit Box workout features three stations – the bag, the bench and the wall. The wall focuses on total-body resistance training to improve strength, stability and coordination. The use of TRX suspension cables allows the Grit Box coaches to create a versatile exercise program that keeps each class new, exciting and challenging. No boring, repetitive workouts over here!

What is TRX suspension training?

TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. It involves a system of straps and buckles that creates resistance and allows you to work against your body weight and gravity. TRX suspension training can be used to strengthen your core, build stability, increase flexibility and improve balance. We love using this style of training because you can target any muscle group and it can be adapted to any skill level, from beginner to advanced.

How does TRX Work?

Grit Box Fitness member at the Wall station of class using TRX suspension training straps
The straps are suspended and secured on a bar that’s attached to the wall. As you begin to lean away from the wall, your muscles and core will start to activate using your body weight as resistance. One benefit of TRX training is that you can adjust the difficulty of each exercise. Simply change the angle of your body relative to the ground to make it easier or more challenging. Let’s dive into some additional benefits of TRX suspension training!

Unleash Your Strength

TRX suspension training is all about building real, functional strength. Unlike traditional workouts, where you rely on bulky machines, TRX exercises leverage your body weight as resistance. This means you’ll engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, giving you a total-body workout like no other. From push-ups and rows to squats and lunges, every movement challenges your core stability and amplifies your strength from head to toe. Get ready to sculpt lean muscle and unleash your inner badass!

Find Your Stability

Are you ready to embrace a strong foundation? Another benefit of workout classes that use TRX is the focus on core engagement, balance and stability. Your body is forced to constantly adjust and maintain balance throughout each exercise because the TRX straps act as an unstable surface. By strengthening your core muscles and improving stability, you’ll not only perform better in workouts but also in daily activities. Whether you’re an athlete looking to enhance performance or simply seeking better stability in your everyday life, TRX is your new secret weapon.

Enhance Your Flexibility

Flexibility is not just for yogis! TRX workouts incorporate dynamic movements that challenge your range of motion and flexibility. Your muscles are stretched and lengthened as you stabilize and move against the resistance provided by the TRX straps, promoting improved flexibility. Over time, you’ll notice increased mobility and suppleness, reducing the risk of injuries and enhancing your overall performance. Say goodbye to stiff muscles and hello to a body that moves with grace and ease.

From building strength and improving balance to enhancing flexibility, TRX suspension training is one of the many reasons why the Grit Gang keeps coming back for more. Every Grit Box Fitness class brings you one step closer to being fitter, stronger and more badass. Are you ready to take on the challenge? Come kick it with us at Grit Box Fitness with our 10 Day Trial! You’ll thank us later.


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