Sugar; are you addicted like we are?

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Brain Cocaine

Who doesn’t love sugar? Don’t we all? Well, as much as we love sugar, there is a major problem with the amount that we consume and how it messes with our brain. My mother used to say “everything in moderation” and she has never been so right! When we eat too much sugar too often it’s almost acting as a drug. Every time we consume sugar our taste buds send signals to our brain. These signals are received in the cerebral cortex, one of the many areas containing neurotransmitters called dopamine. Dopamine is what the brain uses to recognize things that cause pleasure and happiness.

This is all great until we start consuming massive amounts of sugar. Each time we eat sugar the level of pleasure increases, giving our bodies the desire to continue eating it. But, the level of pleasure levels off, it never decreases creating a constant craving for sugar. We satisfy this craving with fattening foods, candy, and all the wonderful tasty treats that we love. Unfortunately, this is a horrible way to live. Like drugs, sugar can become addictive and has severe effects on the body that are detrimental to our health. But have no fear! We’re here to help!

How to beat it!

To cure our sweet tooth all we have to do is curb the craving for our sugary delights. First, we absolutely must change our diet. Add healthy fats, protein and fiber to your everyday meals. You can squeeze all of these into one morning shake! With almond/cashew milk, protein supplements, and a spoonful or two of flax seed you can have a full, healthy breakfast that will keep you satisfied longer and on the fast track to a healthier lifestyle.

The second step is to carefully wane yourself off of the craving. Start replacing the unhealthy, sugar foods with healthier, tasty alternatives. Fruits are a great option. Third, take the right supplements. Chromium, vitamin B, probiotics, and fiber are all excellent supplements that will help you balance your blood sugar level, and get rid of yeast and bad bacteria that feed off of sugars.

Finally, the last step is to find a gym / exercise program that is right for you. Do your research to find the best fit for you. Contact us at Grit Box Fitness in Charleston, SC to set up a free trial and see if our Kickboxing and/or HIIT Bootcamp classes are right for you.

No matter what you choose to do, our #GRIT gang is here to help support you on your journey.


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