Mastering Boxing Footwork

Gritbox member demonstrates kick.

In kickboxing, footwork is essential – it’s just as important as the strikes in each combo. Contrary to what you might think, power shouldn’t come solely from your fists; you draw power from your whole body, starting at your feet! Think of your body as a “pulley-system”, your feet, knees, hips and shoulders all need to move as one when you engage the bag. One doesn’t work without the other! Let’s break this down…

Imagine you’re in class with Coach Kelly and she calls out your first combo: Jab, Cross, Left Hook, Right Body.

1:  Find your Stance –

Feet should be shoulder-width apart, lightly bouncing on your toes, body is relaxed, and gloves are up protecting your face.

2.  Activate the “Pulley-System” –

In the combo, the first strike is a Jab which you know to be a left-handed strike (for Southpaws, this is a right-handed strike). Before you even engage the bag, you first need to step towards the bag with your left foot, pivoting slightly (activating the “pulley”) which turns your knee, your hip and your shoulder towards the bag.

3.  Punch that Sh*t –

Gritbox member practicing footwork in class.Drawing power from your feet all the way up to your fists, make contact with the bag. Now you will feel the difference between using your full body force versus your fists when engaging the bag.

Pro tip: In between rounds, practice moving side-to-side, forward and backward with your gloves up! This will help you stay light on your feet and keep you moving during kickboxing rounds.

Below are four footwork basics to remember when in class:

  1. Always stay on your toes
  2. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart
  3. Relax your body and keep your hands up
  4. Practice moving side-to-side, forward and backward

Good footwork keeps you balanced as you move around the bag and brings power to your strikes. Use these tips during your next class and you will feel the difference in your kickboxing!