Kickboxing Burns More Calories than Sex

I hate to break it to you, but having sex isn’t the number one way to burn calories (darn, right?). Shagging may be one of the more fun ways to pump sweat, but other activities have a better return on investment.

An hour of sex burns how many Calories??

Out of all the ways to get a sweat on, hitting the sheets may be one of the most exciting.

An hour of the same activity is monotonous (jumping rope, rowing, running, and spin, as examples). An hour of sex is.. well, depends on the person. Could be monotonous, could be the ride of your life. But is having sex a good workout?

According to a study conducted by the University of Montreal, an average of 3.6 calories burn during a minute of sex (216 per hour). At that rate, you’d have to have sex for more than 4 hours to burn what you could in an hour of kickboxing.

Worth it? That’s up to you to decide.

Keep in mind, this number is a variable. The amount of calories burned depends on height, weight, gender, and how hard you’re working. 😉

Another alternative for exercise is a high intensity workout. Kickboxing proves to be the best ROI for your time and energy. And you feel like a badass afterwards – who doesn’t want that confidence boost?

Kickboxing burns 750-900 Calories per hour

Some would argue having sex pumps the sweat more than a kickboxing class, but we challenge that statement. With the music pumping and punches slinging, Kickboxing reigns King (or Queen). Kickboxing is a full body workout that is always different and challenging. You’ll never do the same workout.

Although your arms are punching and your legs are kicking, energy comes from your entire body. Power comes from your legs, travels to your core, and translates to your arms during every punch.

During a kickboxing class, you’re doing more than punching and kicking. You’re jumping, squatting, and circling your bag. This consecutive movement increases stamina and cardiovascular endurance. We all know heightened stamina and endurance proves useful in a lot of situations (uh-hem – in the sheets).

Just get out there and move

We’re advocates of simply moving and breaking a sweat. There are a TON of ways to burn those cals – whether that’s in the sheets or with a pair of boxing gloves – so get out there and MOVE!

If you’ve never tried a kickboxing class, you should probably change that. Your first one with us is on the house*. If you have tried kickboxing in the past, consider this your ‘sign’ to give it another try. Get Gritty with us and schedule your free class here.

*Charleston locals only.

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