8 Best At-Home Workout Playlists – Grit Gang Style

Missing the custom music and working out alongside other GRIT Gang members? You’re not alone! The beat drop and tunes reverberating from the walls just don’t sound the same when the walls are in your living room.

Our strength and kickboxing equipment packages may not include a subwoofer or lights, but we are here to bring you our FAVORITE workout playlists.

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CODY COOPER – Founder, Owner and Fearless Leader

Club Mashups Fused with Dubstep

If you’re itching to hear the sounds of Grit Box inside your own walls, this is the playlist for you.

Coach Cody’s go-to Spotify playlist fuses hip hop chart toppers with beats that are perfect for that jab, cross combination. Your home will collectively thump to mashups from Rihanna, The Weeknd, and Skrillex. Click here to sweat it out to Cody’s playlist.

Dani Monroe – Studio Manager and Head Coach

Throwback Workout Jams

Coach Dani’s playlist will have you busting out the One, Two Step moves like Ciara, or maybe even Bringing Sexy Back to the sounds of Justin Timberlake.

Tap into this playlist to slay like the Queen B herself, Beyonce. Click here to check out the playlist.

A close second: Big Bootie Vol. 17. Hear a mashup of Ellie Goulding, Disney songs, and top chart hits.

DYLAN SIDES – West Ashley Coach and
Assistant Studio Manager

His personal playlist – Virtual GRIT DSides

You may not be in Brooklyn, or even down in Tribeca, but tune into Coach Dylan’s playlist and it’ll put you in an Empire State of Mind. You may think you’re making s’mores over the fire, but it’s actually the vibrations of Marshmellow’s lyrics.

Check out his playlist here.

ANDREW ‘FIG’ NEWTON – Personal Trainer

Wu Tang Clan and 90s Hip Hop

The golden age of Hip Hop is noted for its innovation – a time “when it seemed that every new single reinvented the genre.” Travel back in time to different beats, riffs and patterns when you tap into Coach Fig’s favorite playlist.

When you see him lifting the big weights, know he’s powered by 90s Hip Hop and the Wu Tang Clan.

Tap into his playlist here.

CANDACE KAISER – Marketing Manager

Two Friends Big Bootie Mix, Vol. 16

Decades merge together in the Two Friends Big Bootie Mix, Vol. 16. Classic hits from Queen quickly transition to Ed Sheeran chart toppers. Next you’re busting moves to N’Sync and then back to classic hits like Momma Mia.

This hour-long continual remix is our Marketing Manager’s favorite mashup to get through every kind of workout. Click here to get our generational-sweat on.

KELLY KENNEDY – Downtown Coach

Fancy Caviar with an Influence of Rap

Waking up before the sunrise is no easy task – just ask Coach Kelly who ignites the GRIT during morning classes at our downtown studio.

She pumps the sweat to one of Spotify’s biggest playlist: Rap Caviar. This chart-topping playlist encompasses a collection of fresh hip-hop tracks. Tap into the playlist, close your eyes and you’ll feel like you’re in the next rap battle.

Tap into Rap Caviar here.

JOHN SAM – Bootcamp Coach and Personal Trainer

Eclectic Taste with a Dash of Hip Hop and Screaming

Coach John Sam has a wide range of characteristics, so it’s no surprise that he has a few go-to playlists.

Step into his class and you’ll enter a music arena of hip-hop, rap, and top hits.

Take out an earbud when he’s lifting heavy and step into a world of intense tunes (that may or may not involve screaming that would make anyone hoarse).

Click here for his class playlist.

Click with caution for his ‘lift heavy’ playlist.

BONUS: CASEY WALLACE – Kickboxing Coach

Taylor Swift-Inspired

Coach Casey revealed his favorite workout playlists are jammed back with songs by Miss Americana herself, Taylor Swift.

OK, he may have been joking, BUT – click here for a compilation of Tribute Remix songs from the Reputation/Lover artist.


We’re unsure how long social distancing will continue due to COVID-19, but we’re here to help you ignite your inner GRIT wherever you’re quarantined. Being cooped up at home, navigating unemployment, and dealing with the stress of these changing circumstances isn’t an easy combination.

The most important thing you can do right now is to continue to keep your mind and body active. This will help you stay physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy.

We’ll be real with you: You don’t need an online workout program – you need an online community. That’s why we created Virtual GRIT – an online community designed to ignite your motivation and keep you on track.

Shoot us an email at charleston@gritboxfitness.com. to learn more about Virtual GRIT.

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