4 Awkward Moments of Working Out at Home

2020 is shaping up to be the year of “at home workouts.” At least during this COVID-19 Pandemic. For some people that may mean getting your steps in from your couch to your pantry or fridge.

For others: it means getting your sweat on in your living room or front yard.

For those who usually get your workout on to loud music next to fellow Grit Gang members, you may have encountered these awkward moments recently.

Explaining to your apartment neighbors why it sounds like you just started a game of Jumanji.

Our apartment-dwelling members: this is for you. Unfortunately the walls in apartments are about as thin as a piece of floss.

Burpees + Floss Walls = not ideal for your neighbors.

Our recommendation: Write a note and hang on your door saying, “Working out helps me keep my sanity during this pandemic. Knock 5 times if you want to join.” Working out with people is always more fun – invite them in for a sweat sesh, while keeping social distancing in mind.

When you feel the need to play DJ during your workout but hear yourself breathing

The time is going to come when you don’t like a song during your workout and feel the need to skip it. Or maybe you receive a phone call mid burpee. Prepare to hear yourself breathing incredibly heavy (which is a great sign because it means you’re working!).

Our Recommendation: Check out this SoundCloud playlist by our favorite Charleston DJ, DJ Sparkbox. Crank the volume on SoundCloud and recreate the sounds of GRIT BOX. Stay tuned for our next blog: we’re bringing you favorite playlists from GRIT Box coaches!

If you’re worried about getting a phone call, place your phone on “do not disturb” for your workout. Bada bing bada boom – no phone call disruptions.

When a roommate/family member walks into the room in the middle of your workout and just stares.

Raise your hand if you’ve experienced this memorable moment. One moment you’re getting your gritty sweat on. The next minute you feels eyes on your back (you know the feeling). You turn around and BAM – someone’s watching you slip in your sweat while trying to burn those cals.

Our recommendation: Like the previous – invite them to work out with you! Burn the cals together and then celebrate together: like watching The Bachelor and drinking wine.

When your pet tries to join your workout

Pet owners – this one’s for you. Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried to do a sit-up but had to stop because your dog started slobbering all over your face. Or maybe your cat jumped on your stomach. Maybe both scenarios have happened to you?

Our recommendation: Squat your animal! (of course make sure you’re keeping their safety in mind). Include them in your workout.

If you own a dog, go for a pre-workout walk. This (may) decrease their energy level so you can have a peaceful workout on your living room floor. Unless you have a Weimaraner or a pointer. If that’s the case: go for a very long run. You’ll probably be more tired than the dog.

Cue High School Musical: We’re all in this together

We’re in a time knowing things aren’t normal, but they eventually will be normal again. It will pass, but this is the new temporary normal: One without gyms and dining out and going into offices. One with more family, more time at home, and more time to aspire for greater things in life.

We’re in this “in between” space walking this thin line. But we’re walking it with you. The GRIT Gang is virtually here for you as Virtual GRIT.

We’re here to get gritty, talk, and be your support system. Every week we’re bringing you at-home workouts and the chance to connect with real people. Haven’t jumped on? Shoot us an email at charleston@gritboxfitness.com to ignite your virtual grit.

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