5 Reasons Why GRIT BOX Fitness Loves to HIIT

Whether you’re running, cycling or consider yourself an elliptical champion––every routine gets old after awhile. There’s only so many miles you can take before you grow out of your current fitness routine.

This is the part where you either option a.) Drop out of working out all together or option b.) Conduct intensive web research on how you can change up your gym routine.

Chances are, if you’ve Googled any kind of workout online, your first results are compiled of various types of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) style training, which usually only take about 40 minutes or less. It might seem like everyone from famous celebrities to your obnoxiously fit neighbor are consumed with HIIT style workouts and look great doing it.

The days where you spent hours slaving away on cardio equipment are long gone, once you add HIIT workouts into your routine. These workouts are usually quick, performed almost anywhere, allow for all skill levels and are guaranteed to push your body. Is this style of training too good to be true? Not in the slightest.

At GRIT BOX Fitness we revolve all of our boot camp style classes around HIIT. We’ve found the best results are cultivated by combining quick spurts of exercises designed to challenge every muscle in your body. We believe that you should get stronger while losing weight, which is why we can’t get enough of HIIT training.

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Take a look at our top 5 reasons we use HIIT training at GRIT BOX:

Burn More Calories in Less Time

Let’s face it, none of use have time to spend hours on the stairmaster, elliptical, or treadmill. We believe a solid workout takes about 45 minutes, including your warmup.

With HIIT style workouts at GRIT BOX, you’re working as hard as you can for a short period of time, with immediate rest right after. We like to get as dynamic as possible by including traditional fat burners such as high-knees, sprints and lunges while mixing in our favorite strength building exercises.

With HIIT, you’re able to burn more calories in exponentially less of the amount of time you’d spend running long-distance on a treadmill. Sign us up!

Our fearless leader in front of the most badass Mural in Charleston (located on the side of our GRIT BOX Charleston Studio – 2 Carlson Ct.)

Heart Health

While we believe getting strong is an important part of anyone’s fitness routine, trainers at GRIT BOX Fitness also believe in exercising for a healthy heart. A solid cardio routine is a great way to help prevent heart disease and HIIT style workouts allow you to do just that.

Due to the fast pace spurts of energy HIIT workouts provide, you’ll can knock out two birds with one stone and support heart health as well as build strength. We love HIIT workouts to build endurance and keep your heart in great shape by keeping that heart-rate up the entire 45-minutes you’re at GRIT BOX.

Lose the Fat, Not Your Muscle

You might not be seeing the results you desire from cardio due to the fact that running or biking long distance doesn’t necessarily build the same amount of muscle as HIIT training. Instead of simply seeing the number on the scale drop, you might notice a difference in the way your clothes fit once you add HIIT workouts into your routine.

Watch your waistline shrink and muscles become defined, as this circuit-style training has been known to melt fat away, while maintaining a toned physique. We want our members to feel strong as they get further into their fitness routine and we do this by implementing HIIT training.

Send Your Metabolism Into Overdrive

HIIT training works to keep burning calories, even after you’re done working out. This style of training kicks your metabolism into overdrive, which triggers fat loss. It turns out, just one session of HIIT can increase your metabolism up to 450% percent for up to 24 hours after your workout. This just gives you more of a reason to fuel your body and add HIIT into your routine!

GRIT BOX Keeps it Interesting

No HIIT style workout is the same at GRIT BOX. We keep it interesting, which will leave you and your body never able to guess what’s next. Your muscles might be screaming at you the next day, but that just means you’re getting stronger and why we can’t get enough of HIIT workouts.

If you’re interested in trying a HIIT style boot camp class, your first session is on us. Take a look at our schedule and let us show you what HITT is all about.

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