5 Celebs who Live by Kickboxing

The celebs are kickboxing and so can you – right
here in Charleston

The first day of summer may technically be June 20, 2020, but we all know summer szn starts in April in Charleston. We’re talking the three B’s: Beaches, Boats, and Bronzing.

Have no fear – there’s still time to prep for that summer bod. There’s no better way to do that than to channel your inner badass like some of our favorite celebrities.

Gone are the days of “boxing is for men.” It’s 2020: singers, models and other celebs are throwing punches to stay in tip top shape year-round. Need proof? Here are five A-listers who are up in the gym workin’ on their fitness – by wrapping up and igniting their inner warrior with kickboxing.


Gigi Hadid (Source: Teen Vogue)

Former volleyball player turned model, Gigi Hadid keeps her mind and body in check by gloving up. Trained by Rob Piela of Gotham Gym, her boxing workouts are the perfect combination of cardio and resistance training.

Not only does she get a kickass workout, but she gets to work her mind, too. She’s quoted saying her workouts are mentally engaging and “forgets she’s working out.” By the end of the workout, she’s left wanting more. Sound familiar, GRIT Gang? 😉

Check out this Instagram video of Gigi gloving up with mit work.


Adriana Lima (Source: Instagram)

Retired Victoria’s Secret model, Adriana Lima, has tried every workout under the sun. She’s dabbled in yoga, weightlifting and cardio workouts. But none of them stuck… until she found kickboxing at age 19. Back then, boxing was known as a man’s sport – but Lima helped change that stereotype. Now 20 years later she’s still gloving up and boxing.

“Boxing wasn’t really known for women, and I believe that now it’s different. It’s global. I felt very empowered after learning the combinations, and then I could see how strong I can be. I never saw myself like that, so it really gave me confidence.”

Her Instagram is filled with dope pictures of her kickboxing, but check out this video of her shadow boxing with her trainer.


Shay Mitchell (Source: Pinterest)

The Pretty Little Liars star doesn’t fit one fitness mold; Shay Mitchell keeps in shape by dabbling in a ton of workouts. A few include spin classes, Pilates, and weights. I’ll give you one try to guess what her favorite workout is….

Ding, ding ding, it’s boxing. Why? Mitchell says it’s because the workout changes. There’s cardio at the beginning, sparring in the middle, and weights/stretching at the end. A little bit of everything to keep the sweat pumping and cals burning.

(Video) Watch: Working Out With the Voice in My Head


Ellie Goulding (Source: fightmag.com)

Don’t let her sweet lyrics fool you – Ellie Goulding is one boxing badass. But the main reason she gloves up may be different than what you’re thinking. Goulding states boxing helped reduce anxiety as well as overcome panic attacks.

“And it wasn’t about any change in my outward appearance; it was about seeing and feeling myself get better and stronger. It carried over into other areas of my life, and now I truly feel that exercise-however you like to work out-is good for the soul.”

Get in the ring with Ellie and watch her kick ass while gloved up.


Kevin James (Source: YouTube)

Hear me out – get the image of Mall Cop out of your head right now! Although that may be one of his more famous movies, Kevin James ditched his Segway for gloves in Here Comes the Boom. He channeled his inner kickboxer to prepare for his role of “teacher-turned-fighter.”

After the movie aired, he continued training the practice the Muay-Thai style boxing. Check out a video of him throwing jabs.

Is Kickboxing for me?

The short answer – YES. Kickboxing is for everyone – whether you’re looking to tone and burn, or searching for an outlet to relieve stress an anxiety. The workout will leave you burning more calories than having sex (check out our last post about this topic), but leave you wanting more.



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