Train Like An Angel: The Workout Top Models Can’t Live Without

If you saw the recent 2018 Victoria Secret fashion show, you probably noticed models such as Adriana Lima, looked fitter than ever before. Etched abs, strong legs and sculpted arms strutted the Victoria Secret runway, leaving us all asking one question: how are these girls so dang fit?

Those limber legs don’t lie and we all know a juice cleanse won’t give you Candice Swanepoel’s quad definition. So, what’s their secret? Is it all in the green juice, a magic pill or some kind of genie who grants three wishes?

It turns out, models everywhere are swearing by a healthy diet of fruit, vegetables and healthy carbs supplemented with their new favorite workout––kickboxing to keep their bodies sculpted and toned.

If you follow top models such as Gigi Hadid, Adriana Lima and Gisele on Instagram you’re no stranger to their occasional boxing videos. They’ve admitted that although boxing is a phenomenal workout, there’s a deeper reason as to why hitting the bag keeps them in the gym.

Here are some reasons why these models can’t live without this incredible, full-body workout:

Full-Body Workout

If you want a workout from head-to-toe, kickboxing is your #1 contender. Models swear by taking a kickboxing class due its’ ability to have your legs, arms and core burning by the end.

GRIT BOX Fitness features boxing classes that slowly build full-body combinations with body-weight exercises such as planks, push-ups and leg/booty to sculpt the entire body.


A lot models have said they enjoy kickboxing because it’s a great way to combat stress. Boxing takes a lot of focus and body awareness, therefore you don’t have any time to think about your paper that’s due tomorrow or a work deadline that’s been stressing you out. It’s an hour to get out of your head and into your body, which we could all use a little more of.

A Fun Way to Get Your Cardio In

A common belief in the modeling world was that women walking the runway lived on cardio equipment. The Angels have proven that stereotype wrong as they spend more time in the boxing ring and less time on the treadmill.

At GRIT BOX Fitness, we promote style of HIIT training that sculpts the body while also getting your heart-rate up. Cardio is a great way to keep your heart healthy, but spending hours running like a hamster on a wheel sounds more like a nightmare. Boxing is a great way to get your cardio in while you wonder how the last hour flew by so fast.

A Feeling of Empowerment

Adriana Lima told, The Cut that she boxes because, “As a woman, I never thought that I was physically and mentally that powerful.” The supermodel also stated that she enjoyed the challenging aspect of boxing and how she can apply overcoming those challenges in her everyday life.

Boxing is an exhilarating workout, but there’s a reason it keeps women coming back for more. A lot of people say that boxing gives a boost in self-confidence and feeling of empowerment.

Try your first kickboxing class for free at GRIT BOX Fitness, all levels are welcome to join in on the fun.

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