The Best Ways to Beat the Holiday Fluff

We get it, with all of the Pumpkin Spice Lattes & turkey it can be really hard to stick to your grind. We are right there with you, but we’ve the best ways to beat the holiday fluff:

Set realistic goals for yourself.

If you know that you’ll be traveling, eating out a lot or just not have the same amount of free time as normal, don’t beat yourself up. Make adjustments and set goals you can achieve. Maybe that means that you take 3 kickboxing classes a week & substitute a 4th with a walk or bike ride around beautiful Charleston.

– For instance, having an accountability partner to keep you on track. Maybe it’s a family member, a gym buddy or a virtual group. Accountability partners help you make sure you stick to your goals. The perfect solution? Join our Holiday Hustle Fitness Challenge! Besides having an amazing group of supportive and badass friends in the Charleston fitness community, we have some pretty great prizes up for grabs. For Example we have teamed up with Lululemon, Restore Health, Yoloha Yoga, etc. to give you prizes to help you crush your fitness goals.

– Stick to your routine as much as possible. With all the Holiday parties, family dinners & Friendsgivings that can be tough to commit to. The easiest way to not lose progress? Stick to your track as much as you can! For example keep up with Grit Box through our Virtual Grit Program. With over 90 at home kickboxing and body weight workouts there is plenty to keep you busy. Ready for the best part? They can easily be done with minimal to no equipment. Even the kickboxing can be substituted with shadowboxing.

Let’s hustle through the Holidays & finish this year even stronger! You’ve got this champ!🥊💥

Stay Gritty!
– The Grit Gang

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