Coaches Corner – May

You’ve got the goal… you’ve got the gear… and with GRIT BOX Fitness, you’ve got the best group workouts in Charleston!!

So, what’s missing…..???

Well, if you’re like most, despite best intentions, we all have moments where stress, temptation, and day to day life interfere with our plan to achieve better health and wellness. That’s why any successful venture (especially in fitness) requires ACCOUNTABILITY!

Self accountability is fine if you have the willpower to pull it off, but few can. Family and friends are great, but they love us too much and let us off the hook too often. What you need is the guidance and oversight of a professional who cares as much about your goals as you do, and will stop at nothing to help you achieve them. Adding that accountability to your current fitness routine can yield amazing results.

If you’ve never considered using a personal trainer before, now is the perfect time! We are excited to give you the chance to meet with a GRIT BOX certified Personal Trainer every week for 4 weeks during the month of May. During your appointments, you’ll do much more than just work out. You’ll discuss goals, challenges, nutrition, exercise design; anything that is a barrier to your success. Together, you will create a plan to overcomes those difficulties that fits into your lifestyle. Better yet, you’ll have a PERSON in place! You can do this!! Having some added ACCOUNTABILITY is going to help get it done!

If you are interested in taking advantage of 4 private personal training sessions for only $99, call the studio or send an email to to schedule your first appointment.

– Josh Durbin

Lead Personal Trainer at GRIT BOX Fitness

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