Boxing 101 – 6 Punches You Need to Know

Gone are the days of “boxing is only for (insert descriptor here).”

Why? Because boxing is for EVERYONE! (even these 5 celebrities)

The stressed college kid? Yep.
The overworked young professional? Yep.
The mom or dad who only has limited time to work out? Yep.
The retired man/woman whose doctor says they need to be more active? YEP.

At one point in my life I didn’t own a pair of boxing gloves, let alone know the names of different punches. Jab what? Cross when?

My point is: We. All. Start. Somewhere.

Sharing is caring so I’m going to drop a little knowledge into your lap (or watch the video here).

If you’re reading this and haven’t been to the studio – consider this a head start to your class. But to hop into one of our classes you don’t need to have these memorized. We demonstrate the punches before you even glove up.

If you have taken a class, think of this as extra practice!

6 Basic Punches

Jab + Cross

Our 1-2 Combo is our Jab + Cross in the middle of the bag. Your left hand will make contact with the bag – the jab – followed by your right – the cross. (opposite if you’re left-handed).

Hook + Hook

Our 3-4 combos are hooks. Your fists begin at the chin and make contact with the outside of the bag. Remember to keep your elbows high! Your fist should make contact with the bag like you’re holding a drink.

Body + Body

Our 5-6 combos are called your body punches. Your fists make low contact on the bag.


When you’re throwing these punches, make sure you move your hips – they will provide more power in your punches. JAB + CROSS is to the middle of the bag. HOOK + HOOK is to the outside and BODY + BODY is down low. Don’t worry about being a pro before you walk into the studio: We’ll show you everything you need to know when you glove up.

Watch the full tutorial video here:

Ready to Glove up?

YES. Kickboxing is for everyone – whether you’ve gloved up a thousand times or have never touched a bag. The workout will leave you burning more calories than having sex (check out our last post about this topic), but leave you wanting more.



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