Beginner’s Guide to Grocery Shopping

Trying to eat healthy can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start! Have you ever found yourself wandering the grocery store, spending a lot of money, and then getting home and feeling like you don’t have anything to eat? It can be very frustrating and lead to bad habits or eating fast food. So… here are some keys to help you when it comes to grocery shopping for healthy eating!

Plan, plan, plan! Grocery shopping really starts at home

Find recipes online that you can make during the week. Crockpot meals are great because those are easy to make in the morning before work and they are ready when you get home! Plan out your weekly menu and make a list!

Stay on the outer edges of the grocery store

Most grocery stores have produce, meat, and dairy on the edges of the store while the middle aisles are packed with processed and packaged foods. Start in the produce section and load up on fruits and vegetables. Try to get more vegetables than fruits because veggies tend to be higher in nutrients and lower in sugar. From there, head over to meat. Protein is so, so important when it comes to eating healthy. Protein helps you stay fuller for longer and takes longer for your body to digest, making it burn more calories. If you don’t eat meat, protein is still really important. Find protein in beans, nuts, quinoa and other foods.

The middle aisles

Here’s a couple of tips! Look at the list of ingredients, and if there are more than five, it’s probably a no. Another way to decide, is to read through the ingredient list. If there are a bunch of things that you can’t even pronounce, it’s probably a no. Finally, look for added sugar and high fructose corn syrup – those are going to be no’s.

Start small! Make one tiny change at a time. Make a plan and stick to it!

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