7 Ways to Stick to Your Diet During the Holidays

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Winter is coming – and that means more than just cuffing season. The colder temps make it a little easier to give into holiday temptations. Seriously, who turns down Grandma’s pecan pie at Thanksgiving dinner? That’s just rude.

After all, platters of turkey, bread stuffing and red velvet cake don’t get handed out on the fourth of July. It’s nearly impossible and slightly painful not to partake in our favorite season to eat some of the most delectable holiday dishes. Here at GRIT BOX, we believe in having fun – live your best life and eat that turkey, friends!

However, the holiday season can also take a turn for the worst when your healthy diet slowly starts to snowball into the unhealthy lifestyle full of saturated fats and hydroklsdj that you might’ve once known. After a week of Thanksgiving leftovers, that sugar addiction might come knocking on your door once again. You don’t want to have to start a new leaf come January 2nd – let’s keep the gains coming all holiday season long.

So, how do we maintain our diet and healthy lifestyle throughout the holiday season?

Portion Control

The holidays just wouldn’t be as fun without the feasting that comes with it. Decadent turkey with maple glaze followed by your favorite sides soaked in bacon grease and of course a sugar rush served by a killer dessert. Saying no to these wonderful holiday accompaniments just wouldn’t be in right, however choosing the correct portion size for each will prevent sabotaging those gains.

You don’t need a scale just to weigh out your holiday feast portions–measuring your food is just as easy as using the palm of your hand. A serving of protein is about the size of your entire hand (from the top of your finger to your wrist), your carbohydrate serving should be around the size of your fist and vegetables should be an open handful.

Don’t Let One Meal Sabotage Your Whole Week

We all know how just one slice of pecan pie can take us right back to the dark side–a place where sugar refined foods rule all. Don’t let one meal kick off an entire week of cheat meals. Instead, fight sugar cravings after your holiday feast and get back to your normal diet.

Load Up On Veggies

Instead of loading up on carbohydrate heavy foods, fill your holiday plate with mostly veggies to ensure you’re getting plenty of nutrients and fill up on food that is benefiting your body. Too many veggies never hurt nobody!

Avoid Crash Dieting

Just because you treated yourself to w wonderful holiday meal with your family doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself the next week. Eating a large meal and then depriving yourself for the next day or can wreck havoc on your metabolism and hormone regulations. Returning to your normal diet and exercise routine after a large meal is the best way to get back on track.

Bring Your Own Food

Bringing along your favorite gluten/dairy free dish is a perfect way to maintain your diet while also sharing healthy recipes with your loved ones. Chance are your family has seen the physical and transformation from hitting the gym and is dying to know what your current diet and workout routine are.

Get in your Holiday Workout

Just because it’s the holiday doesn’t mean you have to skip your workout! Stay in your routine and get your family involved. Hit a Thanksgiving 5k in your neighborhood or a holiday themed run near Christmas.

Don’t Show Up Starving

Have your cake and eat it too – without consuming 5 slices. Eating a small snack before you head to your holiday feast is a great way to ensure you won’t pig out on all your favorite unhealthy food. This makes portion control super easy, as you can still have holiday favorites without ruining your diet.

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