5 Reasons Kickboxing is Good for the Soul

We’re all busy and don’t have hours to dedicate to the gym. Sometimes it’s a miracle if we even get to the gym at all. What if you could destress, build muscle and burn fat, and learn self-defense at the same time? Additionally, you exercise your brain and boost your confidence in under an hour.

The hour we’re referencing isn’t a mythological unicorn. We’re talking about one hell of a workout in the form of kickboxing. According to a study, kickboxing improves upper-body and aerobic power, anaerobic fitness, flexibility, speed, and agility. In other words: You target every area of fitness during a kickboxing workout.

If you’re envisioning two people sparring and kicking each other – push that out of your head. Our kickboxing-inspired classes are non-contact. Every member focuses on their own bag to punch and kick while the music is blasting and lights are flashing. Picture a club scene; but instead of throwing back drinks you’re slinging punches and burning calories.

Convinced to try a class yet? If you’re not, let’s dive into five reasons kickboxing is good for your soul!


Professionals face stressful situations every day. These scenarios appear in the form of work-related stress and stress at home. Sometimes the best way to destress isn’t through happy hour at the bar, but rather with a high-energy workout. Kickboxing allows you to release your day’s frustrations in a proactive, yet safe way. Think of the bag as your own personal ‘stress bag.’

Channel your stress into the bag by throwing punches and kicking with force. These kickboxing movements increase endorphins which cut stress.


Kickboxing is a full body workout. Although your arms are punching and your legs are kicking, energy comes from your entire body. Power comes from your legs, travels to your core, and translates to your arms during every punch.

During a kickboxing class, you’re doing more than punching and kicking. You’re jumping, squatting, and circling your bag. This consecutive movement increases stamina and cardiovascular endurance.


Having the ability to protect yourself is important. Movements performed in class go beyond a workout. These exercises prepare you to handle a dangerous situation if necessary. Our coaches train you to use your body’s natural strength and force to kick and punch. Get fat-burning workout in while simultaneously learning to protect yourself.


While, your arms and legs aren’t the only things working. Your reflexes are also active. “Jab, cross, left elbow, right knee,” may be a combo the coach shouts. Your brain must quickly process the instructions and translate them into actions. Don’t worry – the movements become second nature after a while. In a workout, it’s not always about what your body is doing. Rather, it’s how your brain is processing and relaying the information.


Who doesn’t want to look good naked? There, I said it. But you were thinking it, too! There’s no better feeling than self confidence. The intensity of kickboxing means quick results if you’re consistent. We’ll dive into nutrition in a different article. Within weeks you will see a noticeable difference that heightens your self confidence. Additionally, who doesn’t feel proud after they’ve reached milestones? Whether your goal is to start a workout program, or workout five times a week – achieving a goal ignites morale.

Kickboxing: It’s good for the soul

Are you convinced yet? Are words not enough to convince you that you’re should try kickboxing? If so, you need to experience a class to become a believer.

If you’ve never tried a class, your first one is on the house*. If you have tried kickboxing in the past, consider this your ‘sign’ to give it another try. Get Gritty with us and schedule your free class here.

If you have any questions about Kickboxing, fitness, or GRIT BOX, please don’t hesitate to reach out and shoot me an email! I’d love to chat with you.

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