10 Thoughts you have during Bootcamp

So it’s your first time at Bootcamp? Let us just start by saying “Welcome!” Good job showing up – often times that’s the hardest part! It’s intimidating. I mean, it is called “Bootcamp” after all!

Before class starts you’re probably standing around with a bunch strangers waiting for class to start, and wondering if you should be stretching, or chugging water, or quietly leaving before it’s too late. You might ask the person next to you if class is going to be really hard. They might want to tell you “no” to ease your mind, but be unable to lie because it is, indeed, hard. Whenever someone asks me if it’s really hard, I always say yes! It sucks, but you will survive and you’re going to be proud of yourself when you do! So, to prepare you for your first Bootcamp, here are ten thoughts that you will probably have during class. The good news? Everyone else is having the exact same thoughts. Good luck!

  1. Wait, that was just the warm up?!
  2. Why am I sweating so much? Is this normal?
  3. Oh, that exercise doesn’t look so hard. *attempts exercise* WHAT THE HELL?!
  4. *Completes 1 round* Whew only 12 more minutes until water break! (How many more minutes until water break?!?)
  5. How am I already sore?
  6. Only halfway? This is the longest minute of my life.
  7. Maybe I can sneak out during water break. I worked out for long enough, right?
  8. Okay back into it. I can do this.
  9. Last minute. Okay. I might die.
  10. Hell yeah. I crushed that workout!

If you made it through the list, then you made it through Bootcamp and you’re officially a Badass! Well done. Go ahead and treat yourself to a smoothie at the FIT BAR. You earned it!

– Sam Yoho

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