Hidden Talent

Go-To Movie
I Am Legend

Favorite place to eat in CLT
The Halal food truck right off East 5th

Shaq's favorite part about being a Gritbox coach is that he's able to give back to the community and members of the Grit Gang. In his experience, having a coach invest in his well-being meant a lot to him and now he loves that he has the opportunity to pour into others. Shaq loves seeing people crush their fitness goals and pushing themselves to new heights!

To him, grit to me means having a desire or passion from within that motivates and moves you to accomplish a goal. Grit is silencing the negative voice we can have, putting my head down, and getting to work. It's that natural pre-workout that can get me past anything inside or outside of the gym!

Shaq originally moved to Charlotte in 2017 for new opportunities. When he's not hyping you up at Gritbox, you can find him playing sports or chilling at the pool.