Coach + Personal Trainer


Gulf Breeze, FL

*The one that has watched every episode of Friends 100x
*No-bullshit mentality
*Your #1 hype girl

You can’t teach GRIT, you must find it within you, never lose it, and share it with the world! And that’s exactly what Maggie did when she finally made the jump to become a fitness trainer and coach.

Maggie grew up playing and competing in just about every sport you can name. She played D1 soccer at the University of Florida and a couple seasons of semi-pro soccer, but knew she always wanted to work in the fitness industry.

As a personal trainer and coach, Maggie loves helping others reach their full potential and fitness goals. Seeing people thrive and achieve more is one of the most rewarding experiences for her. Maggie will teach you how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable – get ready to show up and put in 100% effort!