Studio Manager + Coach

Dani Monroe

*The one with jacked arms
*Energizer Bunny Status
*Has a love affair with Nachos and the Carolina Panthers
When the music pumps and the punches start flying, Coach Dani is in her element. She believes in empowering people to find their inner GRIT – whether that’s during a workout or in their everyday life.

If we could use one word to describe Dani’s coaching style, it’d be “hype.” Don’t expect to walk out of her class without dripping in sweat, but simultaneously feeling energized.

Not only does she love building muscle, but she loves building relationships with the GRIT BOX members. You’ll often find yourself in conversation about the Carolina Panthers, New Girl, or mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Originally from Charleston, but raised in the Queen City of Charlotte, this southern belle packs a mean jab/cross and loves teaching people to channel their own.