Founder, Owner, and Fearless Leader


*Visionary *DJ Dada *Embraces the work hard, play hard mentality The brains and the brawn behind it all. Cody’s dream of launching the most energized, hyped, and badass kickboxing studio in the Lowcountry came to life in 2015. He built not just a gym, but a tribe of people who crush goals, push one another beyond comfort, and get each other to FAF status (Fit as F**k). If you were to dive into Cody’s head, you’d encounter a web of ideas and visions for the next facet of GRIT BOX. An entrepreneur at heart, Cody is the owner of two additional Charleston businesses: Saltwater Cycle and Cooper’s Cove. He also sits on the Board of Directors for Charleston Hope and believes in giving back to the Charleston Community. When he’s not at the gym, you can find Cody hanging with his wife Cici, their son Colton, and their sweet pup Riggs.