*Thai Kick Queen *Bills by a billion #BillsMafia *Balanced with beer & ice cream Ebb, flow, and roll with the punches is Britt’s life mantra and quite literally her power in the Sweat Box. Having trained on the heavy bag for the last 4 years, Britt embraces the kickboxing game and will always challenge you from all angles. As an elementary teacher by day, Britt knows the importance of dedication, rigor, reward, and frustration… enter kickboxing. “Fitness in general is an incredible release, especially when you get to hit shit and lift heavy.” Britt has experience in Olympic-style weightlifting and Muay Thai kickboxing, resulting in one GRITTY ass workout. With OG New York attitude and southern charm influence, Britt will push you to your limits, insist on one more burpee, and proceed with a smile.